Additional Product Features Monitor Color. Skip to main content. Lousy frame rate when you switch to full four-megapixel mode. On the subject of calibration and colour response and all that – the WFP-HC’s panel has, of course, proper eight-bit-per-channel 24 bit depth total colour resolution. Everything else you have to set in software in your operating system.

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Ideally, your monitor shouldn’t be any brighter than a well-lit book something which is probably new to the 60Hz-CRT brigade who, today, don’t know how to adjust their laptop’s screen brightness That allows a rather worrying five malfunctioning subpixels per million pixels with further rules about stuff like how close they can be to each otherwhich’d be as many as 20 dud subpixels on a monster screen like this.


You know what’s nextdon’t you. The WFP-HC, as indicated by the ever-increasing 3007wfp of letters after its name, is the third major revision in fairly quick succession of Dell’s monster monitor.

View multiple applications on your computer without the need to constantly switch back and forth between different windows or your browser.

Dell 3007WFP-HC LCD Monitor

Although it was released inthe monitor’s clarity still holds up with 4 million total pixels on the screen. So on a by screen like this, the factory has to make twelve million, two hundred and eighty-eight thousand flawless transistors for the screen itself to work perfectly.

Thanks Kareltje, that has fixed mine, life is much easier again now. Most relevant reviews See all 9 reviews. It’s easy enough to work around this if you don’t feel like buying a GeForce GTX along with your new monitor, of course; just run your games at by – or even by – and you’ll be fine.


The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. Ideally, you shouldn’t even be able to perceive the pixels on the screen, but we’re a long way from the few hundred pixels per inch and acrd software that’d make that possible.

With so much detail displayed at the same time, the Dell UltraSharp gives you that edge in productivity. The display is absolutely beautiful and took me all of 2 seconds to get use to how big this thing is. The high-end designers’ monitors have better colour rendition than the LMWQ1, but I’m pretty sure none of them are anything like as readsr or high-resolution. I had been reading about how other people had to specify special modelines and other voodoo to get the monitor working… 30007wfp I was glad to have it working without any battles: It has no video processing hardware, so the only actual controls on the monitor are three capacitive touch switches on the front.

You need the Dual Link cable to get the higher res. Check out these links: If a particular screen’s factory settings aren’t horribly wrong, you shouldn’t actually need more than a little adjustment. And yes, you do get used to it. Thanks for the clickie, nice colours not! You don’t need any extra drivers for the hub, and I’m pretty sure you don’t need any extra drivers for the card reader.

The Dell 3007WFP 30-inch LCD – and then there were two…

Now, the monitor’s colour response looks A-OK to me. A theoretical screen that only had red and green subpixels on it with no blue such screens actually exist – big LED display boards with only red and green LEDs on them, for instance would have an RGB colour “space” that was two-dimensional, with no extension into the blue at all. Having connected the power readre and dual-link DVI cable which came with the monitor I turned the machine on. Getting back to more prosaic concerns, the minimum brightness setting for the WFP-HC is still pretty bloody bright.


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I found your monitor pic perfect for this job. Largest ever continuous oil and gas resource found in the United States.

From weapons to works of art: In the LCD olden days, manufacturing error rates were so high that virtually no panels had zero defects. Back in the bad old days of super-expensive LCDs, you weren’t even guaranteed to get a panel whose pixels all worked. You should post a full-resolution e17 screenshot to help of teader its dimensions.

What error message do you get when you connect it? Cut-rate six-bit LCDs all with old-style twisted-nematic-plus-film panels, I think are still very easy to find.

And that’s all you get. If it still does not work on your issue, I’d suggest you installing the Vista driver in Compatibility mode.