Updated code will be posted soon. I am not saying they do not work, just do not mix them. Maybe this is a good place to get some advice. March 31, at 7: The application software had to load to my PC was OK.

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I’ve just upgraded to this monitor from a 22″ LG and it’s absolutely great, apart from trying to play a Blu Ray through Win DVD 11 Pro; Dsram now get a message to say that the software needs updating, even though it doesn’t.

Linux controler measurably about x more reliable than win7 in this regards, even if both are running libusb under java. Once I finally committed to designing one, and after looking at two other more simplistic controllers, it was not really that difficult and I managed to get a working design in a day or so.

Standard SDRAM Controller – Lattice Semiconductor

Notify me of new posts via email. I am comfortable writing assembly for any micro-controller. And then of course use something else to generate the HDL. I much preferred Win 10 while it was in development so grabbed it as soon as it was released.

DELL-Chris M’s Activities

Any advice would be most appreciated. Trying to play with Altera Cyclone IV and ran into strange problem — the controller stops working after 10 — 50 cycles. This will write the data back to memory and prepare the sense amps to receive data for the next activate command.


Here is the simulation testbed HDL I used.

Just imagine having an oscilloscope capable of capturing a whole day in full resolution, with as many channels as you like: Hi Matthew, Controllrr appreciate your work.

Have a constant access time. I did my own research since I had no choice. April 15, at 8: Again my language of preference is VHDL still the Defacto language in regulated industries such as medical.

I even contacted them through the XPS and got the run around.

Purchased this in September on Amazon, has at least 5 dead pixels. I am not saying they do not work, just do not mix them. The amount of data transferred from a bank to the sense amps is limited. Windows 10, Driver, STL.


Since SDRAM samples on the rising edge of the clock and most HDL is written to do register-transfer on the rising edge of the clock, this controller does its register transfer on the falling edge of the controllet. Which steps I need to take care can you guide me in this sense.

The top part was showing the signals and entity as I defined them in my top level. When you are trying to learn, sddram can srdam frustrating to say the least. Purchased this in February on Amazon, has 10 or more dead pixels.


How do you correct this problem?? My projects are more 8-bit or bit oriented systems with completely random access patterns. It also runs on the S6 LX9. For instance, changing byte enable inputs and address inputs will change the width and size of this design. Windows-7 x64 Thanks SD.

If you have a 16bit wide DRAM organised as say 2M x 16 in 4 banks, why is there a row address, srdam select the bank, clntroller the column address and read out the 16bits. September 30, at 3: The SDRAM takes care of determining what row to refresh during a refresh cycles, so all you have to worry about is issuing a refresh command at least once every 7. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

When the read operation is done, the sense amplifiers restore the data by writing back to the original memory cells.