Net is the opinions of its users. The command prompt will default to c: If the product cannot be fixed the customer will have to purchase a replacement and Sunsetmicro. Ok, so this sounds to me like it wasn’t a built-in interface. There seems to be three different ways of solving this problem there is a fourth – don’t install Vista and I’ve listed them below, hopefully at least one should work for you. If the customer needs a replacement product, they will need to purchase again. Click OK and the program will exit.

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Drivers can be installed from the c: The answer to this is no. One of the optional extras on the ECS was a built-in TV card and according to the manual what looks like an infra-red port on the front of the laptop is actually a receiver for a TV remote control.

When trying to use the right-hand side of the keyboard none of the keys work properly, for example when you press ‘J’ you get the number ‘1’. As the Advent doesn’t have the optional TV card fitted the port on the front doesn’t do anything.

The third method is to create a desktop shortcut to the wireless adapter. When you confirm the change the wireless connection should become active, if it doesn’t then press the wireless button and try changing the setting again. The Advent laptop was originally made by a company called ECS and is based on the ECS it should mention this underneath somewhere.


Keep these discs in a safe place. If DOA is valid customer will then be adbent. For a smaller packages, we use USPS. Due to the nature of the recovery process you should not use FDISK or any other partition management software to delete the partition on your Advent computer. Please remember these are semi truck drivers wirelexs delivery people.

Thousands of users waiting to help! The information on Computing. Costs to ship goods are inclusive of all associated costs.

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To get round this the connection speed of the card must be set manually. I am also going to try calling pcworld and see if the tech guys will give me advice. Products evidencing the product serial number has been tampered with or removed; misuse, neglect, and improper handling; damage caused by undue physical, temperature, or electrical stress; counterfeit products; damage or loss of data caused by a computer virus, worm, Trojan horse, or memory content corruption; failures of the product which result from accident, abuse, misuse including but not limited to improper installation, connection to incorrect voltages, and power points ; failures caused by products not supplied by Sunsetmicro.

The card was changed like for like. What does the Warranty Cover?


UKT Support – Advent Laptop

The customer will be refunded when the shipping company refunds Sunsetmicro. The command prompt will default to c: Click Continue and adfent the on-screen instructions. So far I have tried changing the channel, reinstalling and updating the driver replacing the wireless card all to no avail.

If the HDD recovery doesn’t work then you can recover from the discs you should have created.

Freight items usually have a cuttoff at around 3: Then lift the keyboard clear of the notebook, there is a ribbon cable attached to the keyboard so take care. I bought wigeless replacement and tried changing it, but I get the same result wifi light flashing. This fee will be collected upfront before work on the order begins.

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This happens because the Numeric Keypad has been switched on, to turn it off hold down the ‘Fn’ key and press ‘NumLk’. Net Direless Networking Wireless. Hi, The wifi card is internal. It should then connect within seconds.

To use the discs This will completely erase all your data .