They are hard to scan even with max level skills and ship bonuses. Those are big money. Sleepers sites marked as data sites. The Fall of Leviathan I love to sail forbidden seas If it’s too expensive let me know and I might be able to make one appear for you. Just talking about limited though.

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I can scan down alphaacan sleeper caches with a gnosis and basic probes and the current alpha skills and a few of those scan boosting modules that alphas can use. Andrew Indy 1 The mid slots are the way to go. Poteque ‘Prospector’ Astrometric Rangefinding implant.

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Tide Way Out Productions 3, Previous Topic Next Topic. Center for Advanced Studies Gallente Federation Depends, it’s hard but not all of them are unscannable.

A little rambly but a limited cache can be scanned down by alphas with crappy skills if youre willing to use all the available stuff to max out your scans, stacking penalties don’t really matter there on the mods. The limited sleeper cache i mentioned above is an example of this. There are sites that require high skill levels to pinpoint.


Dropping 30m on alphsscan sisters scanner will do it too. Blow up in your face if you’re slow or if you mess up.

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It will get it to This allows you to collapse the formation even tighter around the site when you know where it is but just need a little more signal strength to be able to warp into it. I theorize the central probe throws off the scan and is overall weaker because its 5 surrounding probes instead of the spreads 6.

Serendipity Lost Repo Xlphascan Likes received: FREE introductory trial clones have no business being there. If it was lesser covert research or something like that you goofed.

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Superior Sleeper sites are not an alpha clone site. Today I just discovered something new: You could try using RSS core scanner probes.

It is very rare that Alhascan find any sites that I can’t scan down with enough determination. Aleff Knoll Likes received: I think with or you can scan every single sleeper cache with good scanning techniques, custom probe formations etc.

If you are willing to spend the money on a gnosis, a cargo scanner, and an afterburner ghost alphascann are easy money with 0 risk. Using sisters core scanning probes and a sisters probe launcher will increase your scanning ability. I love to sail forbidden seas The Fall of Leviathan The Fall of Leviathan.


They are hard to scan even with max level skills and ship bonuses. How high are your skills?

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Maybe something like thisrest of the slots are up to you. Viziam Amarr Empire 3.

There’s also the little matter of price, currently 23 million ISK per probe: Don’t bother or if you like exploration upgrade to omega. There is a Rig option s well but I’m assuming you would be using the hack upgrades. There may still be some sites superior sleeper caches alpgascan sure that you won’t be able to pin but that should get you through most of what’s out there.