Thanks lot for all the suggestions from this group. That’s fast enough for my project. May be with a little FPGA. As you mentioned, kps will be splitted by 16 channels, it will be: Then, read the conversion results one by one. Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva.

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I need to syncronize all the ADCs. The 2 case may apply on my project. Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password? On Monday 27 July The CS sholud keep low during conversion and data transfer.

AT91SAM unexpected SPI behavior

Your AD converters are at91sam926 of shifting data to each other. If you need higher transfert rate, you will have to interface the 16 ADCs with an external circuit which should present 16x16bits registers to the SPI. I’m sure AD has better offerings for these kind of applications. If so, whether the data from 16 ADCs will be buffered total will be 32 bytes?


Monday, July 27, 6: It will take over us, that is too long for my application. Protecting the IoT with Invisible Keys. Theorically, you need 3 bytes at a maximum SPI clock of 2.

Arduino Robotics S;i Honeycutt. Create free account Forgot password? Ideally, all ADCs should be samples at the same time although the data can be transferred in serial order. If this is the case then: Can PDC be a help?

AT91SAM9260 unexpected SPI behavior

It will permit to synchronize the 16 converters and to meet up to kps rate. Hi, It seems that you would like to synchronize your 16 ADCs. I don’t think this is possible with AD http: I need your suggest on my project.

Thanks lot for all the suggestions from this group. My expected rate is Hz. If you need multiple inputs to sample simultaneously, you need either multiple sample and hold buffers or multiple ADCs. Hi, What is your expected rate? Hi Caglar, Just a comment about your post. So you should adjust SPI transfer rate accordingly.


Simple SPI driver for AT91SAM

So it will never be able to sample multiple inputs at one time. On Tuesday 28 July You need to take into account the exact SPI clock frequency and processing time.

Use of PDC is optional but definitely useful. This process takes about 50us. As you do not tell us which ADC you are using, I suggest you 2 possibilities: Somebody shoot me if has 16 chip selects. If that is not the case then I wonder if your evalutation kit has a decoder for CS pins.