You may want to try a piece of free software like Debut Video Capture Software and see if that provides you with what you are looking for? Great informations here… Thanks mate, Cheeers, Chris. While surfing the web I found this blog with a lot of helpful information. Maintaining updated Dell XPS M software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. It will boot into safe mode however. Does this mean that people are unable to use their wireless cards that came with the XPS M? Thanks for ya help Sea.

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The XPS is an older machine, so chances are i8kfangui works on your system.

Windows 7 64 bit on Dell XPS M1210

Windows 7 is showing you the hard value of your available video ram, and not adding the shared ram. Hi Controllre, Can you give me a link to download Windows 7 64 bit drivers for my m? Thanks for the above post itmade my life a lot easier.

I have seen similar graphics problems before and that is not artifacting. After a boot or two most of my drivers were pulled in via Windows Update and installed. Now I have other issue on bit version.

In order for the Bluetooth to work correctly, you need to install the driver from Dell, and not rely on the W7 one.

I am wishing to do the same with my m however I do not have the installation disks that came with the laptop. To do this you can buy a laptop cooler, but their is a better way.


How did you find the nvidia drivers… i just installed a 64 bit windows 7 so im dying to find out. I thought the whole reason to go to 64bit is to take advantage of more memory addressing and enabling more than 4GB theoretical of RAM.

Prav Thanks for the words of encouragement. I keep getting an error and in the info box it is saying the the CPU t does not support the x64 version.

DELL XPS M1210 Notebook Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates

The graphics card in these laptops only have 64mb of dedicated video memory. I also had a Dell technician come round to replace the whole motherboard recently since the graphics card was dying on me luckily I was still under guarantee with the 3 years coverage and even though he was pretty quick it took him about 10 minutes to switch everything out!

I could not find a solution on the Dell website. Jamerton Dec 20, I have the botton to the right of my power button that i pushed and my web cam came on.

DELL XPS M Notebook Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

Can anyone help me to get the display driver for my XPS M to work with window 7 64 bits. By contrpller most of you may of done so many changes to your Windows 7 computer, you may think about reinstalling.


Waiting to see what Dell offers for poor suckers like myself that had to fork our all that money for a Vista Ultimate that was a joke in terms of stability. Hi Xpd, Can you provide a bit more details about the issues you are having?

I can not make any relation why the batery and explorer but this is it!!

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OK,, I got the printer to work…. It is normal for the camera to feel warm to the touch when the computer is running and when the camera is in use. I try to disable webcam in device manager, but nothing changed. I have 4gigs of memory sadly only 3. Hi, back in December I set up a new workstation with Win7 x I think the backend this program used is offline now. I had 2 monitors plugged in. Otherwise you can read in the article above for certain drivers that you may still need after running Windows Update several times.

Yesterday I reinstall my W7 on bit version. Also, out of curiosity why are we loading 64bit OS on this machine? I only have 32bit Vista driver.