So,,,I guess an upgrade to is in order. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Amps and Accessories For Sale: Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options. My Garritan and Kontakt sounds were limited to the ones preinstalled with Sibelius “Essentials”

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Since the SC has no programmable memory, CMP and MT emulation is done by providing the same sound arrangement as the preset sounds of actual devices. Apple Mobile Device – Apple, Inc. You can order it directly from PG Music.

phorum – Exult Discussion – Good music with Roland Virtual sound Canvas

Cookiegal Dec 2, This one should reveal more about the failure through the exit code in the Process Monitor log. You currently have javascript disabled. The best news is your willingness to buy the upgrade. Each process about 30 Mb occupies memories – terrible leak: It works on bit operating systems.

All times are GMT. The project was unfinished, and I haven’t been able to come anywhere close to that sound using just the Garritan and Kontakt sounds available to me in Sibelius Essentials. Please print these directions and then proceed with the following steps in order.


I’m sure there are other ways that someone with more techno ability than me could do it. I never relied on Sound Canvas alone The component is already designed to terminate non-responsive vsthost processes, if it can’t, it’s beyond my control. After paying for a brand new computer to begin with, I was hoping to avoid the additional expense just to bring my soft-synth capabilities back to where they were on my older computer.

Since ediirol 64bit Windows system may be the reason that the Roland VSC isn’t working or even installingI’m wondering if the 32bit version of Ubuntu will allow me to install and use the Roland VSC in conjunction with Sibelius or Band in a Box previously installed on Windows.

Okay, I’m not taking any more chances. I always recorded the playback as wav files from inside Sibelius I’m trying to find an “affordable” option without having to purchase a full set of the Edigol orchestra and big band sounds There’s a lot of new real tracks no midi needed and some midi super tracks.

Roland SC-55

Download all with Free Vsc32uexr Manager – file: So,,I guess an upgrade to is in order. Steve Keller Straight ahead and strive for tone. Post your new log file back here using the Add Reply button and I will review it when it comes in.


What Jack says should work too.

Roland SC – Wikipedia

If it does, that is what you want to do with each song, make a wav file. It has some nice instrument presets, but damn, I hate that synthetic sounding snare drum. I’ve read that the TSS-1 soft-synth included with cakewalk might be a reasonable alternative, but I haven’t found any good demo examples of how all the different instruments sound.

Sonny mentioned in his original post the Roland VSC card.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Stereo Mix is needed for recording “what you hear” on the PC speakers and audio from the Internet.

If not you can go back to just Windows. Whether it will be repaired? Do you already have an account?

Meaning, it still drives a lot of stuff under the hood, but the days of “finding the right driver” and “working with MIDI event lists” are pretty much over. Click the compatibility tab.