In fact it feels like the engineers at Epox really thought For instance, Epox places the IDE and floppy drive cables to the right of the DIMM slots, this keeps the large cables away from the other system devices. The retail version will include the usual fare of cables, brackets, manual’s and software. Click here to become a Hardware Analysis registered user. I have no idea what to do. So today i finally figured out my LAN on the board is all sorts of screwed up, i couldn’t connect to a revision control server on the other side of campus, and i kept getting the windows popup a network cable has been disconnected then it’d become reconnected, almost instantaneously, and this would happen for like 20 minutes at a time at random intervals Reply – Quote – Report Abuse.

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I have no idea what to do. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. How do u like it? About Us Employment Privacy Policy. So if you are try disabling it. At least for the most part Enthusiast quality hardware certainly commands a price premium, so it’s always important to shop around before deciding on what to get.

I tried the Epox people, and they just said enable a mac address and I tried that, but still have the same wp-9npa on the on board and the linksys network card. Private Message – Add to Buddy List. Linux and Windows – No Boot. Share on Twitter Tweet. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Please register or login. Any ideas what I ultrs try? However, such a high Vcore is recommended surely only for extreme overclocker and requires a very good CPU cooling like e.


All in all thus brilliant equipment justifies the price of the EPoX board easily.

A set of nice quality rounded cables are bundled in with the package, and we find two sets of IDE cables, and one FDD cable encased in white rubber sleeving. Want to enjoy fewer advertisements and more features?

EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra LAN issues?

There are 0 registered and anonymous users currently online. VNC, accepting and sending connections, conencting remotely to other computer files and people seeing mine but i dont really care because i had an extra NIC laying around They offer beside the 7-segment post code display to examine possible start up errors newly 2 buttons for Power and Reset: It’s not the most well equipped motherboard we’ve ever dealt with, but for mainstream users I think you could say it fills out all the necessary points well.

So how is that board coming along.

The technical data and benchmark results 3. Yeah i dont blame yeah but im sure if it works you will figure it out. Ultea you using the Nvidia firewall?


It can see thats its plugged in, and tries to send stuff but nothing. Share on LinkedIn Share.

The retail version will include the usual fare of cables, brackets, manual’s and software. For me it’s even worse: The HT reference clock reach even without increasement of the chipset voltage stable up to awesome MHz, whereby the active chipset cooling eep-9npa a good heat dissipation of the nForce 4 ultra chipset.

EPoX EP-9NPA+ Ultra AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 PCIe Motherboard Review

Back to the Athlon 64 Mainboard Review comparison! And if a board offers so many overclocking features, of course also overclocking may not be missed in this motherboard test report.

Because ive heard that cause’s all sort’s of Lan problem’s. Share on Digg Share. Doom 3 and Conclusions ,an benchmark results should only offer a comparison among themselves.