A variety of comparing means can be used to compare a target sequence or target motif with the data storage means to identify sequence fragments of the Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus clausii genomes. In a more preferred aspect, the Bacillus cells are Bacillus licheniformis cells. The substrate may, in one aspect, be a glass support e. However it can also be used for transforming monocots, although other transformation methods are generally preferred for these plants. See, for example, U.

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Other possibilities for monitoring global expression include spore morphogenesis, recombination, metabolic or catabolic pathway engineering. The present invention also relates to computer readable media and computer-based systems.

IDG Bacillus subtilis L-arabinose isomerase. Alternatively, the vector may be one which, when introduced into the host cell, is integrated into the genome and replicated together with the chromosome s 20660 which it has been integrated.

In a preferred embodiment, the probes are labeled yb fluorescent reporters. The amount of polycationic polymer added should be sufficient to form at least a monolayer of polymers on the glass surface. With a codon usage table, synthetic genes can be designed with only the most preferred codon hazc each amino acid; with a number of common codons for each amino acid; or with the same or a similar statistical average of codon usages found in the table of choice.

Each distinct Bacillus GST i is disposed at a separate, defined position in the array, ii has a length of at least 50 bp, and.

Bacillus licheniformis is a gram positive spore-forming bacterium that is widely distributed as a saprophytic organism in the 22060. The predicted functions of the gene products are shown in Table 1. Often the transformation procedure is designed for the selective elimination of selection genes either during regeneration or in the following generations by using, for example, co-transformation with two separate T-DNA constructs or site specific excision of the selection gene by a specific recombinase.


Several computational methods have been yaazc for the analysis and interpretation of microarray-based expression profiles including cluster analysis Eisen et al,Proc. Moreover, the subsequence may encode a fragment, e. The present invention further relates to methods for preparing a synthetic gene, tazc a generating a codon usage table based on codons used in one or more open reading frames or portions thereof of SEQ ID NO: In another preferred aspect, the inducing substrate is cellulose.

For example, nucleotides may be inserted or removed so as to result in the introduction of a stop codon, the removal of the start codon, or a change in bh open reading frame.

The additional nucleotide sequences enable the vector to be integrated into the host cell genome yszc a precise location s in the chromosome s. One skilled in the art can readily recognize that the longer a target sequence is, the less likely a target sequence will be present as a random occurrence in the database. IDR Bacillus subtilis yihA family member polypeptide sequence.

Detection and Data Analysis. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. The expression construct is conveniently a nucleic acid construct which comprises a gene encoding a biologically active substance of the present invention operably linked with appropriate regulatory sequences required for expression of the nucleotide sequence in the plant or plant part of choice. The evolution of codon bias, the unequal usage of synonomous codons, is thought to be due to natural selection for the use of preferred codons that match the most abundant species of isoaccepting tRNAs, resulting in increased translational efficiency and accuracy.

There is a need in the art to provide methods for monitoring the global expression of genes from Bacillus cells to improve the production potential of these microorganisms.


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However it can also be used for transforming monocots, although other transformation methods are generally preferred for these plants. Briefly, the plant or plant cell is constructed by yasc one or more expression constructs encoding a biologically active substance of the present invention into the plant host genome and propagating the resulting modified plant or plant cell into a transgenic plant or plant cell.

The film may be applied to the backing by spraying or coating, or by applying a preformed membrane to the backing. The fluorescence excitation conditions ayzc based on the selection of the fluorescence reporters. New aspects regarding evolution and virulence of 0260 monocytogenes revealed by comparative genomics and DNA arrays.

The plasmid minipreps were precipitated with isopropanol, aliquoted and stored as described on the web site of Professor Patrick Brown of Stanford University. All processing and detection steps are performed simultaneously to all of the microarrays on the solid support ensuring uniform assay conditions for all of the microarrays on the solid support.

USB2 – Bacillus licheniformis chromosome – Google Patents

After formation of the array, the support is treated to evaporate the liquid of the droplet forming each region, to leave a desired array of dried, relatively flat GST regions. ID D Amino acid sequence of a Chlamydia trachomatis protein. IDG Streptococcus pneumoniae photomutase yhxB.

The present invention also relates to Bacillus genomic sequenced tags and to substrates and computer readable media containing such genomic sequenced tags.