Global transcriptional analysis of the phosphate starvation response in Sinorhizobium meliloti strains and IDD Amino acid sequence of a Chlamydia trachomatis protein. As stated above, the computer-based systems of the present invention comprise a data storage means having stored therein a nucleotide sequence of the present invention and the necessary hardware means and software means for supporting and implementing a search means. Mixed-genome microarrays reveal multiple serotype and lineage-specific differences among strains of Listeria monocytogenes. By using the Bacillus subtilis chromosomal map as model for the Bacillus licheniformis chromosome, it is possible to amplify specific genome regions of Bacillus licheniformis where a certain gene of interest are predicted to be located according to the Bacillus subtilis chromosomal map. The present invention also relates to methods for isolating a gene encoding a biologically active substance from a microbial strain. Hierarchical clustering has been employed in the analysis of microarray expression data in order to place genes into clusters based on sharing similar patterns of expression Eisen et al.

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The probes are typically labeled for detecting the corresponding gene for example, with 32 P, 3 H, 35 S, biotin, or avidin. In a preferred embodiment, the probes are labeled with fluorescent reporters. The delivery of a known amount of a selected Bacillus licheniformis gene to a specific position on the support surface is preferably performed with a dispensing device equipped with one or more tips for insuring reproducible deposition and location of the Bacillus licheniformis genes and for preparing yac arrays.

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Antibiotics and secondary metabolites. The sequencing produced 3, In eukaryotic systems, these include the dihydrofolate reductase gene which is amplified in the presence of methotrexate, and the metallothionein genes which are amplified with heavy metals.

In a more preferred aspect, the protein substrate is blood, casein, egg, gelatin, gluten, milk protein, or soy protein. The overall results are summarized in Table 2. In a preferred aspect, the inducing substrate is lignin or a lignin-containing material. Likewise, plant parts such as specific tissues and cells isolated to facilitate the utilisation of the invention are also considered plant parts e.


Following transformation, the transformants having incorporated therein the expression construct are selected yacz regenerated into whole plants 2006 to methods well-known in the art. To increase the reliability with which changes in expression levels could be discerned, probes prepared from induced or treated cells were labeled with the red yaxc dye, Cy5 Amersham Corporation, Arlington Heights, Ill. The methods comprise a adding a mixture of labeled nucleic acid probes isolated from two or more Bacillus cells in culture to a substrate containing an array of Bacillus GSTs under conditions where the nucleic acids hybridize to complementary sequences of the Bacillus GSTs in the array; and b examining the array under conditions wherein the relative expression of the genes in the two or bb cells is determined by the observed hybridization reporter signal of each spot in the array.

The best hit for each gene is shown in Appendix 2. However, any signal peptide coding region which directs the expressed polypeptide into the secretory pathway of a host cell of choice may be used in the present invention.

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yzac A small volume of the labeled nucleic acids yzzc is loaded onto the substrate. Bacillus licheniformis can be differentiated from other bacilli on the basis yazzc metabolic and physiological tests Logan, N.

For yazd, the cDNA probes may be labeled during reverse transcription from the respective RNA pools by incorporation of fluorophores as dye-labeled nucleotides DeRisi et al,suprae. This is reiterated in revised section c 6which again cites to 23 Pa. The top aqueous layer was carefully removed with a wide-bore pipette and placed in a clean 45 ml Oak Ridge tube. Gene expression changes triggered by exposure of Haemophilus influenzae to hh or ciprofloxacin: In a more preferred embodiment, the Bacillus cells are Bacillus licheniformis cells.


IDS Sorangium cellulosum protein Orf 4. For constitutive expression the 35S-CaMV, the maize ubiquitin 1 and the rice actin 1 promoter may be used Franck et al. The first protein encodes a protein of amino acids for which Interpro predicted 16 collagen triple helix repeats, and the amino acid pattern TGATGPT is repeated 75 times within the polypeptide.

Each microarray in the substrate preferably contains at least 10 3 distinct Bacillus licheniformis in a surface area of less than about 5 or 6 cm 2. The grid lines may be applied to the solid support using a narrow syringe, printing techniques, heat-seal stamping, or any other useful method known in the art.

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Year of fee payment: ID TK Peptide which promotes formn. Yacz, the solid support may be simply a filter composed of nitrocellulose, nylon, polypropylene, or polyvinylidene difluoride PVDF polymer, or for that matter any material suitable for use.

Several public databases are available for searching and graphic representations of the entire genome ” littp. The present invention further provides systems, particularly computer-based systems, which contain the sequence information described herein. Yac nucleic acid construct is incorporated into the plant genome according to conventional techniques known in the art, including Agrobacterium -mediated transformation, virus-mediated transformation, microinjection, particle bombardment, biolistic transformation, and electroporation Gasser et al,Science ID Uazc Corynebacterium thermoaminogenes acn protein.

Methods and instruments for forming microarrays on the surface of a solid support are well known in the art.