Registered device vbi1 for encoder VBI kB [ Please login or register. Yes, I’m playing a tape when running TVTime. A bit of digging and I have a feeling that it is the other way round and support for these old devices have been dropped This is a different machine and I had to drag out a Hauppauge PVR usb not a trivial operation – the French make some weirdly complicated packaging Kernel on this debian installation reports as 3. ZM at its current incarnation does not understand mpeg2. Reading ivtv mailing list I found they call it as using one of the names listed below: Ok I did the first two things and got a cursor blinking at the command prompt both times after running the commands.

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Just17 on February 06, Oh by the way I tried KdeTv after running what you said and I was able to get the channels scanned in but it is all fuzz and no picture and no sound. Registered device radio1 for encoder radio [ Ok dmesg gave me this: Registered device vbi1 for encoder VBI kB [ Am I missing something?


All ZM needs from a driver is a way to get the image data in the first place really, and preferably some way of telling what it is that has been got.

Upon reflection it probably would be better to call it the 3rd class of card. I am really keen to get zone minder set up. Basically There are two Hauppauge variants. Cards like those will work only with ivtv drivers. I am using kernel 2.

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I will mark this as fixed if not completely solved. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I’ve bought myself one of the above and I’m pretty sure I’ve fitted it correctly it just slots in, right? If ihternext see anything for ivtv, post it, if you can.

Tuner -1 found with type s Radio TV. February 06, Many thanks for any help you can offer.

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So compressino task is to grab mplayer code, see how it goes about ivtv raw mode and port that to zone minder. Please, what do I do next?


What does lspci show? It would be nice to see it working. Registered device video24 for encoder PCM kB ivtv0: February 07, Have a look through the dmesg output to see what it says about the card Hauppauge modelrev C, serial tveeprom Please let me know if I can be of any assitance with testing at all.

Hey guys I am going nuts trying to get this tuner decder to work in linux.

Initializing card 0 ivtv0: For reference if your lspci says that you got either: The PVR setting is the correct capture for the Hauppauge. ZM at its current incarnation does not understand mpeg2. Is there a trick that I have’nt performed. One uses bttv driver, and the other uses ivtv driver.