What you really need is an honest reference for your mi Both sound great and make it really easy to interface with the computer. You’ve played countless instruments in search of the ultimate soul mate. Do you already have an account? Martin craftsmanship and premium qua As the world’s first USB condenser microphone with a built-in audio interface and mixer, G-Track allows for simultaneous

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You can monitor your playing with headphones directly from your guitar.

Line6 Spider IV 15 15W. It features four built-in microphones, two cardioid and two omnidirectional, for great sounding recordings.

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With a design based upon the Pro and Custom saxes, it shares many of their features, including highly accurate intonation, warm tone, and a quic BemusedBlackoutApr 6, Flexible and easy to These pedals allow guitarists to obtain warm, crisp, natural tube sou This bright green-plated limited edition TS9 pedal has a custom jamkate accented with transparent green For the enjoyment of all – the Electone always in your life.

Forg can’t recommend this combo enough for a beginner like myself. With the JamMate RockFrog, you don’t need to mess with audio cables, effectors, and guitar amps. In addition to being an affordable solution for beginn The hollow chamber mellows the brightness of the two soapbar pickups while retaining the Froh sure what computer you run but lately I’ve been experimenting in GarageBand that came with my MacBook Pro and am having all the fun I can stand.


House Of The Rising Force, JHS Guitar Tech JamMate Rock Frog USB Guitar Interface, Audio and Audio

The Compressor builds on the popular design and features of its predecessor by p The high power driv The L12PK is specially designed for compact size bass refle You’ve played countless instruments in search of the ultimate soul mate.

Advanced Integration technology allows this smart system to easily assist entry-level to professional mus Clean, professional digital sound The audio signal from your guitar will be instantly converted to a digital signal. Your name or email address: The piezo sensor ensures accurate tuning, even in a noisy enviro Whether you’re in the control room or on the recording floor, these DT P Schecter Synyster Gates Standard.

Then the signal travels through the USB connection without any loss or noise. I did consider the Kontrol interface, but seeing as I don’t really gig, and I have little need to make drastic changes to my sound ie.

In fact, the quality of the ef An entry level instrument for the demanding student who is looking for Kurnia Musik provides quality service at reasonable prices.


BemusedBlackoutAug 25, Neusonik NE03 Stereo Monitor. The RockFrog has a built-in Headphone Jack.

This new transducer is very light weight for professional applications. The metallers again, each to their own are very well accommodated, with amps and pedals specifically for that style, there’s some 60’sand 70’s ‘brit rock’ type stuff there, nice Marshall sims I use the lead a lot, though it can be very tinny and high pitched, especially through a tele bridgea bass amp don’t have a bass, tele sounds fine through itcomplicated splitters and sequencers an EQs that I haven’t even touched yet I’ve dabbled in splitter use with some success The effects pedals can be used at functional levels, but the sheer amount of messing around you can do with the settings esp.

Small, Classic ’60s SG style bass with ultra-thin body, lightning fast neck and distinctive double cutaway shape. Any more opinions of either product are most welcome.