There’s a dedicated number row, a 4-way d-pad with center action on the right side of the keyboard and two soft keys just below the display. You see, your phone can accept two kinds of text messages: While not exactly a true desktop experience, nor as good as the iPhone, casual web surfers and heavy web users will likely make do unless support for dHTML, advanced JavaScript and multiple window support are needed. My tutorial is under env touch Tip and Hacks. To send a ringtone to your phone, create a short text message and attach an mp3 file the ringtone to it. Did you install a microSD memory card into your phone?

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However I did notice that when I plug the Touch in windows tries to install 3 devices and two out of the three install and the other “Fails” installation. I already messed with Bitpim 1. The phone will convert the file and store it in the correct location in the phone memory.

[ubuntu] [SOLVED] lg voyager on bitpim

The keys have decent travel with a tactile click, and a tone sounds each time you press a key you can adjust the key press volume and disable it too.

Choose the “Data-LG” Option from the menu. The phone does support Bluetooth DUN for those who wish to use the phone as a wireless modem for a notebook. Hi RawwrBag, There bltpim another, much simpler, method to get ringtones and wallpaper images into your phone wirelessly. I just got my Env Touch a wekk ago and for the past few days I’ve been trying to get it to work with Bitpim and have had absolutely no luck.


Send it to [your phone number] vzwpix. If you use the phone lightly 30 min.

The photo is there now, but as I was sitting on the “my pictures” menu, the battery gauge showed up on top of the contacts key Under View make sure you have ‘View FileSystem’ check marked. Please see the help for details on what to do.

Our only complaint is the strange spacebar location one on each end of the bottom row rather than a single spacebar in the centerthe right spacebar’s overloading with the voice command key hold it down a little longer than normal and you’ll get the voice command prompt The screen requires a firm touch, and since it’s small with menu and other control elements bordering on the web page, we found ourselves accidentally activating menus and other functions we hadn’t intended to when scrolling.

Did you install a microSD memory card into your phone? The SDHC microSD card slot that’s compatible with cards up to 8 gigs capacity lives on the phone’s right side along with the 2. I Tried the DUN trick and it worked fine, i would like to try the vz navi app trick but i cant get bitpim to read my phone.

LG Voyager and Bitpim

And, by the way, you’ll be charging your phone’s battery at the same time if your computer’s USB port is powered. Also, say my phone does fry I haven’t done it in a while, but I think you may have to “Save” the attached image before you can set it as the wallpaper.

BitPim and LG Voyager. Outer touch screen with vibe is innovative and fairly functional. I can’t get the phonebook to load. The pool shot looks almost surreal thanks to the color cast. I took my phone to the store for warranty, and haven’t messed with BitPim since.


You can simply copy and paste the files with the Windows Exporer or an appropriate file manager if you’re using a Mac. When you view the contents of your microSD card with your computer, you’ll see some folders. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The phone has a microSD card slot that’s compatible with cards up to 8 gigs in capacity, making it a viable portable music player in terms of song capacity. I asked the question on the Voyageur form with no success, they thought the Telus file system was maybe not compatible.

I haven’t had my envTouch a full month yet, and as much as i love this phone, there are a few things about it that i don’t The speakerphone isn’t deafening but it is clear and free of distortion. If you start a call with the flip closed then open it, the Voyager automatically turns on speakerphone if no headset is in use.

Getting Touchy There’s no tactile votager when pressing a touch screen, and that’s why some folks prefer traditional hardware keypads. Ringtones, on the VX aren’t stored on the SD external memory card.