You can provide ready-to-use Dolby audio as. I don’t think it’s an MP3 file you need. I just wanted you to know you could do it On Thu, May 14, at 1: Yes, the files with m2v extension they do have both video and audio. If your m2v file is video and audio, then it has the wrong extension.

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MPEG-2 – Wikipedia

So, this is where I am ignorant. Also, if you do export MPEG audio from Premiere for use in Encore, well now your nice original audio has already had nasty MPEG compression applied, so quality is lost and siund not coming back regardless of what you transcode to in Encore. I can open this in Soynd or Cyberlink and it plays back just fine. High Efficiency Image File Format. Archived from the original on 15 February So I am hoping to find DVB tools that might work better.

I did download sounf check out Tmpgenc from December and a few other sites, but I read this on the cutteraman forum here: Basically I ended up just exporting the comp again as a.


MPEG media transport Part 2: MPEG-2 is widely used as the format of digital television signals that are broadcast by terrestrial over-the-aircableand direct broadcast satellite TV systems.

.m2v has no sound

Where did you get the MPEG-2 videos? But thanks, I’m on the case I have found that my standalone DVD player will play most mpeg 1 and 2 videos that have the extension mpg or mpeg, but won’t m2v. Everything else is just some extra, that some players have, but these extras are not standarized. However when I look at the original comp inside After Effects And there is nothing showing in the progress window when I import it.

I looked up about Peter Cheats mplex2 but don’t know how to make it do what I need, do I also need this ‘Nav Packets’ option??

They say it is non compliant DVD format and such. Sounf Answers – 10 points. On Fri, May 15, at 3: If you create a data DVD, then it’s up to the player whether it’ll be played back, or not.

Why no sound on an imported MPEG 2 file? | Adobe Community

With one single stream you need no menu. It’s the only difference. This thread is closed to new comments.


They’re kept separate for authoring needs – you can have multiple audio tracks in DVD authoring. You can provide ready-to-use Dolby audio as. It also specifies the format of movies and other programs that are distributed on DVD and similar discs.

I’ve hunted and pecked all over videohelp. They all play successfully in the Encore monitor window with sound except for the last one.

And the audio and video are separate files on the timeline. Can’t say why Encore is crashing, but can talk about audio. This time it ran fine. I don’t think it’s an MP3 file you need.

Most of the programs don’t like it. And there cases where I just want to remove some sections from some mpeg-1 videos, and then put all the remaining sections into one mpeg file.

It contains various Quicktime photo jpeg videos and text animation.