Personally, I prefer “mouses” when I’m talking about the computer peripheral, and “mice” when talking about the animals of which my overweight cat manages to catch about one a year. The Dual Sensor therefore provides two bright red LEDs on the bottom of the mouse, which provides a subtle but aggressive tone to the device. But really, all three of these mouses are winners. The only way to tell for sure is by using both mouses. The original IntelliEye mouses took images per second of the surface below them; the second version ones took Let’s start with the simple mouse. A flowchart that shows the progression of the different mice, and what year they came out, and what mice were made as improvements over other mice.

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Logitech claims that this makes the mouse less sensitive to different surfaces and that it improves accuracy because it’s never in a situation where data is lacking. The designers at Logitech originally planned for a full-color LED, but eventually decided not to, and instead just use the one and only color fit for gamers: There’s nothing very special about the guts of the Wheel Mouse Optical, but getting at them is trickier than usual.

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Optical Mice: The Fall/Winter Collection

We strongly recommend you read the full rules and guidelines before posting. Even if you’re an habitual Explorer user, you could get used to these ergonomic features easily enough. I use mousekan mouse under RedHat 7. No, cordless mice are usually disliked Overall rating of mouse by esr users: Please do not abuse or spam them.


Which is not quite how mouse manufacturers want to shift their product. Let’s start with the simple mouse.

If you’re the type that’s itching to implant more LEDs or dye the thing purple or install a cooling fan or something, this may matter to you. If you look past the dual-sensor hype, there’s definitely nothing wrong with the MouseMan Dual Optical, and you may well prefer it to the Explorer 3. But this mouse is the MouseMan Dual Optical, a quite different beastie.


Which of these three would I use? Microsoft’s page for the Wheel Mouse Optical. Since the “mouses” usage enhances the clarity of the language, I don’t see anything wrong with it. These optical mouses don’t get dirty, they work on uneven surfaces, they’re lighter, and they’re not painfully expensive, either.

Genuine Logitech Mouseman Optical Dual Sensor Mouse M/n M-bl63b A37

The MouseMan Optical is really a game changer. Technological Considerations Page 2: In use, there’s nothing dramatically different about the dual sensor MouseMan.

The MouseMan has no bulky drivers or customization software, and this allows for the lowest latency when you’re making that important final play of the game in Counter Strike: Different from other MX mice, Sdnsor and more hand-filling Length of cord: Anyhow, these days ball mouses may still be very common, but they’re not the preferred pointer-pusher. The third button on the left is easy to reach and can always come in handy.


In fact, the Dual mouse can be used on any kind of surface – even senor translucent grey plastic folder with a slightly raised grid pattern on the surface did not hinder its performance, although its rivals threw in the towel.

Logitech MouseMan Optical Dual Sensor review : MouseReview

So you have to completely de-foot the sensog to get it apart, and then fiddle with a little flat-head screwdriver or similar prodder in order to get the clips to release. Greater Precision Page 5: No hate speech, spam, or harassment.

The dual sensors provide superior tracking, noticeably better than on my Xual You can get the new scroll-wheel-acceleration feature and so on for free by downloading IntelliPoint 4 from Microsoft here. So let’s get freaky. Aus PC Market doesn’t sell these products any more click here to see their current mouse-related productsbut you can still try a price search at DealTime!

If there is a discrepancy, please use the Flag this Review link located beside each review. Oh, and on their page for itLogitech go on to say that the dual sensor mouse is “designed for real hands”.

I’m used to the Explorer, so I’m not nuts about the MouseMan’s shape. Intellimouse Wireless Explorer Page