The translation conforms to the current system locale information. Each traffic classification specifies the following: The FwpsQueryPacketInjectionState0 function is called by a callout to query the injection state of packet data. Specifies a client driver’s support for the IEEE The PacketDirect PD platform calls a PD-capable miniport driver’s PDFlushQueue function to flush a specified queue, ensuring that any items that are not yet in a complete state in the queue will be completed imminently. NdisSetCoalescableTimerObject The NdisSetCoalescableTimerObject function sets a timer object that the operating system coordinates with other timers, typically to reduce power consumption, when the exact expiration of the timer is not important to driver operation.

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The NdisIMGetBindingContext function allows an NDIS protocol driver to access the device context area, which was created by an underlying intermediate driver, for a virtual miniport to which js-6877 higher level protocol driver is bound.

The FwpmEngineOpen0 function opens a session to the filter engine. Miniport drivers call visya NdisMSynchronizeWithInterruptEx function to synchronize the execution of a miniport driver-supplied function with the MiniportInterrupt function. This adapter is exposed in the guest operating system of a Hyper-V child partition.

Driver Msi Ms The NdisInitializeListHead function initializes a doubly linked, driver-maintained queue.

MSI MN54G Wireless Mini PCI-E Card (MS) Windows Driver | Laptop Software

Select your model from the list and download the driver. The WskSocket function creates a new socket and returns a pointer to the associated socket object. FwpsAcquireClassifyHandle0 The FwpsAcquireClassifyHandle0 function generates a classification handle that is used to identify asynchronous classification operations and requests for writable layer data. The WskAbortEvent event js-6877 function notifies a WSK application that an incoming connection request on a listening socket that has conditional accept mode enabled has been dropped.


Ms ks-6877 driver vista.

An offload target calls the NdisMInvalidateOffloadComplete function to complete an invalidate offload operation that was initiated by a previous call to the MiniportInvalidateOffload function of the offload target. The Network Module Registrar NMR is an operating system module that facilitates the attachment of network modules to each other.

Ms-6877 Driver

The VmbChannelSaveContinue function saves the channel state to a buffer. Filter drivers call the NdisFCancelOidRequest function to cancel a previous request to the underlying drivers.

NdisSetPhysicalAddressLow sets the low-order part of a given physical address to a given value. The EvtVmbChannelSuspend callback function is fista at the server endpoint when the channel is being closed or deleted by the client endpoint, which moves the server into the Stopped state.

An offload target calls the NdisTcpOffloadSendComplete vissta to complete one or more send requests that were made to the MiniportTcpOffloadSend function of the offload target. The NdisInitializeString function allocates storage for and initializes a counted string in the system-default character set.

NdisCmDispatchIncomingDropParty NdisCmDispatchIncomingDropParty notifies a client that it should remove a particular party on a multipoint VC, usually because the call vvista has received a request over the network to close an active multipoint connection. Reserved for internal use. FwpsvSwitchEventsSubscribe0 The FwpsvSwitchEventsSubscribe0 function registers callback entry points for virtual switch layer events such as virtual port creation and deletion.


The NdisGetCurrentProcessorCpuUsage function returns the average amount of activity on the current processor since boot as a percentage. The NdisUpcaseUnicodeString function converts a copy of a given Unicode string to upper case and returns the converted string.

The FwpsvSwitchNotifyComplete0 function completes a pending virtual switch event notification.

MSI MN54G (MS) g/b Wireless Adapter | eBay

The NdisInitializeSListHead function initializes the head of a sequenced, interlocked, singly linked list. NDIS calls a filter driver’s FilterAttach function to allocate and initialize a filter module’s data structures.

Your email address will not be published. The NetDeviceOpenConfiguration method opens a net device’s configuration database. This method is reserved for NetAdapterCx.

Networking drivers for Windows Vista and later

The NdisGetRoutineAddress function returns the address of a routine ms6-877 the routine’s name. These functions are called by NDIS to issue idle notifications to the driver during a selective suspend operation. NdisReadConfiguration The NdisReadConfiguration function returns the value of a named entry of the specified type from the registry, given the handle to an vieta registry key.

NdisCurrentProcessorIndex The NdisCurrentProcessorIndex function returns the system-assigned number of the current processor that the caller is running on. Published online Apr