Just do 2 quick formats for sloppy measure- then plug it into your PS3- in the USB port closest to the disc-drive. I have the multiman noobs guide but it doesnt really talk about it. Mind you– and this does matter– I’m still on a 4: Buy a new Console ID! Most of my attempts at multiman just resulted in me changing the appearance of the interface and not being able to figure out the controls for the new interface to set it back.

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Unofficial multiMAN Support Forum

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I know exactly what is wrong. Memory card on PSX games don’t show up. After looking in File manager I could find a. I’ll check it out again soon.

Easy Step-Guide for 4GB+ Transfers via “multiMAN” [CFW ONLY] : ps3hacks

Enjoy your new tricks and remember to thank the developers of these fine programs. Your talking about something different this is just when you basically plug in your usb that is NTFS to your ps3For NTFS it wont show up in multiman root folderor when you try to install package files.


CFG and test again. Search titles only Muotiman by Member: I’ve not encountered that anywhere in any of the reading I’ve done. When you’re done, toggle cobra mode again through the rebug toolbox.

Is that because ps is nothing on it yet?

Last edited by RebugAlex ; at Unfortunately, I still experience the same error with V4. Wasn’t this just to move files from the external to the internal pfd though? MultiMan already works perfectly, I just prefer the plugin approach of Webman.

Your name or email address: I haven’t used USB. Still don’t know why this isn’t working – I tried multman access the drive without a USB. Another version of multiMAN is already available, and as usual comes with a few useful changes and improvements. When I started the game it’s say it can’t find memory card or the Suikoden save data even though I created memory card in XMB and save several times on it.

Hi there Congratulations Deank for a most beautiful product 4. I mean, when I star a game already splitted with 4gsplit, ps3 gives me the only option to install some data to internal hdd.


Although been thinking about something for a while now. PUP in folder, no luck, keeps coming up no firmware update I use this so i umltiman send games to to the games folderi dont run them off the usb.

In fact I have updated my PS3 from 3. Once again, good tutorial! Looking for the forums? It couldn’t be used to play from it. Mu,timan not sure what theme you are in right now so I can’t tell you where that is Is that not supported for some reason?


If I figure it out or find it via the net- I’ll cover that in my next post. Why would you recommend people to do this tutorial just to move things from ext to the internal when there’s ftp for that.

If it works with the USB.