A hardware audio mixer Behringer MXA provided instant reswitching. The Audigy demonstrates mirroring of the signal at a half of the resampling frequency: Music listening If I write that the music is played excellently it would hardly satisfy anyone. In the 16bit Hz mode the card showed excellent results. The system tray incorporates a convenient manager of the card’s settings. The signal was read from two cards simultaneously installed into the computer. That is why we used the time-proved Waveterminal with 2.

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We compared the records first in the PCM stereo format 16bit That vlue why we used the time-proved Waveterminal with 2. And it makes no sense to replace it with such a dear exotic product whose future depends on the mood of this giant.

At the same time the sound differed a tad in tembre.

At least, we could hear no artifacts. The first one excellently plays games, the second perfectly reproduces sound from both cards.

Download DSP24 Value by ST audio

Frequency response 40 Hz – 15 kHzdB:. A hardware audio mixer Behringer MXA provided instant reswitching.

Both mixers are separate devices. Results 1 to 5 of 5. You can notice that the graph drops out because of superposition of harmonics and mistiming of the testing and resulting signals in course of operation of the measuring program. dsl24


But Hoontech offers a wide range of other products for PC. If valus do not support something the hardware part wouldn’t help.

In this mode the card can work in a relatively weak computer. Join Date Feb Location Mar.

DSP24 Value

The Dp24 is provided with hardware SRC and digital mixing of 16 streams with parameters not higher than 16bit 48kHz. The DSP24 Value sounds sharper, thus, making us think that the sound becomes brighter.

The professional interfaces’ part contains 20 channels of up to 24bit with hardware mixing in bit capacity. But keep in mind that whether all its possibilities will be enabled depends on a soundcard maker. The Audigy had not bad but rather dim sound. A while back, I had to install the card on a new machine. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Mirroring of the signal spectrum at 24 kHz indicates at resampling into 48 kHz at a certain stage of signal sampling.

The last format was played excellently by both cards. The ENVY24 is an advanced chip which is popular with professional equipment manufacturers. The vaalue was improved by the drivers from the manufacturer’s site. Multi-client and GigaStudio support is provided, and it has no bugs.


On the other hand, a noise level and a dynamic range for the professional AKM codec is less than expected. It is a virtual device for organization of an internal digital loopback. It is quite a balanced solution for a music-lover tired of multimedia cards with cheap codecs.

Luckily, vaule Audio Analyzer puts all cards in equal test conditions, vaoue now no magic specifications will help. It turned out to be difficult to measure input-to-output characteristics because with such connection vqlue without applying a signal the ST Audio DSP24 Value card entered the mode very similar to self-excitation. Moreover, when we applied a sinusoid with a frequency over 24 kHz quite noticeable harmonics appeared in the audible spectrum; they reached dwp24 of the level of the original amplitude.

Take a closer look at the IMD graph. However, the drivers supplied with the card had a virtual studio support when you can realize intuitive commutation of the devices with virtual cables in the style of Reason and other similar programs.

Tests of RCA inputs Testing chain: